West Heath Children


While you are away from school, please keep working hard with the homework your teacher sends every day. I hope you enjoy the exciting things they have planned for you.

We will keep on loving you, even though we won’t be able to see you every day for a while. 

You are a very special group of children. Please keep singing, playing, making, drawing, writing, problem-solving, dancing and learning about our amazing world. We are having an adventure and, like all real adventurers, we have to be brave.


Mrs Hooper


Follow the link to GetSports-Active PE lessons
to develop your skills and fitness!
 A huge thank you to all of our children, parents and staff; you are truly amazing! 
Glowing star
What a great team. 
Resilience, empathy, collaboration and determination all the way. #westheathvalues
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Please call them direct on 01273 201 701

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