Our Artsmark Journey
Creative Arts Curriculum


'At West Heath Primary School, the inspiration and power of the arts play a vital role in enabling our children to enhance their creative talent and develop their artistic skills.'


Studying cultural education subjects, such as art and design, dance, drama and music, sparks creativity across the curriculum, encouraging young people to be inquisitive, disciplined and determined. Wherever children start in life, a high-quality cultural education in every school should be a right, not a privilege.” (Darren Henley OBE Chief Executive, Arts Council England)


Art, Craft & Design


‘Our aim at West Heath Primary School is to foster greater imagination and creativity in all our pupils.’


At West Heath Primary School, we want children to engage with the arts regularly and explore a range of materials, tools, techniques, and media. Children will experience the fundamentals of art through a broad and balanced curriculum, including the exploration of the work of a wide range of artists and makers. They will be guided in the skills required to explore, analyse, and discuss art and be encouraged to combine their knowledge of what constitutes art, specific artists, and techniques with their own experiences to evaluate artworks and inform their own creative practices.


"The study of art enables pupils to understand, appreciate, and contribute to a dimension of life that taps into and expresses human innovation, imagination, and thought." (National Society for Education in Art and Design, February 2022, pg. 10). "At an individual level, a high-quality art education can build pupils’ ability to appreciate and interpret what they observe, communicate what they think and feel, or make what they imagine and invent." (Making a Mark, Ofsted, March 2012). "At its best, the subject is both intellectually challenging and creatively demanding." (Research review series: Art and Design, Ofsted, February 2023).

Dance & Drama
'Our aim at West Heath is for all pupils to enhance their artistic expression, movement, rhythm, and emotion, fostering a deeper connection to themselves and the world around them.'
Dance is a vital component of the physical education curriculum. This creative activity enhances pupils' coordination, flexibility, strength, and spatial awareness, while also teaching them to collaborate effectively in groups. Additionally, dance fosters social interaction and serves as a positive emotional outlet. 
Children enjoy moving and interacting with others, and drama encourages exactly that. Instead of sitting still and listening, they are prompted to move, speak, and respond to one another. Students who struggle with reading and writing, including those learning English as a second language, often respond more positively to the imaginative and multi-sensory experiences that drama provides. This approach helps them develop skills such as creativity, inquiry, communication, empathy, self-confidence, cooperation, leadership, and negotiation. Most importantly, drama activities are fun, making learning both enjoyable and memorable.
High quality dance also promotes whole school improvement through influencing the culture of the school, raising aspiration and enhancing the profile of the school in its community.” (The Arts Council).
"Drama gives children opportunities to explore, discuss and deal with difficult issues and express their emotions in a supportive environment. It enables them to explore their own cultural values and those of others, past and present. It encourages them to think and act creatively, thus developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can be applied in all areas of learning. Through drama, children are encouraged to take responsible roles and make choices – to participate in and guide their own learning." (David Farmer, Learning Through Drama in the Primary Years).

 Design Technology


‘Our aim at West Heath Primary School is for all pupils to become innovative and creative thinkers.


At West Heath Primary School, we aim to inspire pupils to be innovative and creative thinkers who have an appreciation for the product design cycle through ideas, creation, and evaluation. We want pupils to develop the confidence to take risks, through drafting design concepts, modelling, testing and to be reflective learners who evaluate their work and the work of others. Through our curriculum, we aim to build an awareness of the impact of design and technology on our lives and encourage pupils to become resourceful, enterprising citizens who will have the skills to contribute to future design advancements.


Studying design and technology includes the use of a broad range of knowledge, skills and understanding, and prompts engagement in a wide variety of activities. Pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts (Design & Technology Association, 2024).

 'Our aim at West Heath is for all pupils to become more musical and to encouraging students to develop a lifelong appreciation and love for music.'


At West Heath Primary School, we want to develop a love and passion for music. We wish to broaden our curriculum aims, include various activities, such as singing, playing instruments, and composing and listening to music drawn from different traditions, historical periods, and styles. Ensure children have meaningful opportunities to develop their talents and interests by increasing their musical ambition and development. We aim to celebrate pupils’ musical achievements by showcasing their musical efforts.


'Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. For many pupils, the music they love will be part of the narrative of their lives and bring colour to the experiences that shape them. Learning about music is a vital part of a broad and rounded education. Taught well, music gives pupils the opportunity to make music, think more musically and, crucially, become even more musical.' (Striking the Right Note, Ofsted, 2023).

14th June 2024
Whole School - Creative Arts Festival
Coming Soon!
11th June 2024
Year 6 - Banksy Inspired Street Dance Workshop
Coming Soon!
21st May 2024
Whole School - Dance-a-thon
Creative Arts Coordinator - The energy and enthusiasm from our pupils made the event an overwhelming success. Seeing our students dressed up and dancing their hearts out was a joy to behold. The children's involvement and creativity truly brought the event to life. The parents supported in helping with outfits and encouraging participation, this was invaluable and deeply appreciated. Together, we created a memorable experience filled with fun, laughter, and lots of dancing. Thank you once again for your fantastic support and for making our Dance-a-thon a day to remember.
Thank you for helping us raise an amazing £1531 towards our creative arts!
3rd May 2024
Whole School - Spanish Day
Modern Foreign Languages Subject Leader - Children enthusiastically participated in Spanish Day, immersing themselves in the vibrant culture of Spain through various activities. They dressed up in traditional Spanish costumes, adding a festive flair to the event. Through art and design technology projects, they created colourful decorations and crafted replicas of famous Spanish landmarks. The day was filled with lively dancing, where children learned Flamenco and Pasodoble steps and rhythms. Additionally, they expanded their knowledge about Spain's geography, history, and traditions through engaging lessons and interactive presentations. This multifaceted celebration not only made learning about Spain enjoyable but also enriched their cultural awareness and appreciation.
7th May 2024
Year 5 - Greek Dance Workshop
The Greek dance workshops for schools brought children together and enhanced mental and physical well-being. Children celebrated Greek dance culture by exploring traditional Greek dancing, working on footwork, balance, arm movements, direction, and partner work. They developed communication and social skills throughout the Greek dance workshops, bringing a strong community feeling and promoting inclusivity. The dance workshops were fun, engaging, energetic, and were a fantastic way of developing Greek dance cultural knowledge.


Pupil Voice - Everyone was involved in the whole session. Lots of fun for the whole class. It was different, new and exciting. We learnt a few more facts about Ancient Greece which we haven’t covered in class, such as the use of double-sided masks in the theatre. The teacher was kind, and it didn’t matter if anyone went wrong. It was good to just do our best and have fun. Most of the class were better at it than they thought. 

30th April 2024
Year 4 - Ancient Mayan Drama Workshop
Ever heard of ancient Mayan civilisation? They’re a fascinating lot and so are the magnificent (and a little bit terrifying) Mayan Gods that reigned over them! Children headed waaaay back to Mesoamerica to receive an ancient Mayan education and found out what life would have been like as part of this unique society.
Teacher Voice - The children expressed that they enjoyed the games, finding them both informative and engaging. They learned to count up to 19 and gained an understanding of the different roles within Mayan society, including their importance and positions on the societal ladder. Various activities helped the children immerse themselves in their learning. They particularly enjoyed the rap song, which taught them about the Mayans' history, origins, and the buildings they had, such as hospitals, schools, and libraries. The experience also offered a unique opportunity for drama and acting, giving many children a chance to perform.
23rd April 2024
Whole School - Rocksteady Workshop
Music Subject Leader - Children experienced the rhythm and groove of Rocksteady in their exciting music workshop! In the Rocksteady workshop, participants were taken on a musical journey. Through hands-on activities and interactive workshop, they had the opportunity to learn rhythm on traditional instruments like the guitar and drums, and even tried their hand at harmonising vocals in true Rocksteady fashion. Many children, from EYFS to Year 6 now take part in weekly lessons with Rocksteady.
22nd April 2024
KS2 Dance Team - The Great Big Dance Off

The Great Big Dance Off is a popular national dance competition open to schools all across England & Wales. This is the ONLY national dance competition aimed SOLELY at schools. The vision is to create an exciting competition bringing together children of all ages and abilities.

Creative Arts Coordinator - Children performed on a professional stage at The Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham. Where they enjoyed their performance in front of family and friends. The aim is for young people to enjoy the event whilst benefiting from the positive elements of competition such as striving to be the best you can be. It was a very tight competition with only a few points between the top three primary schools. West Heath came 3rd and have been invited to the grand final of 'NATIONAL SCHOOLS DANCE CHAMPION 2024!' 

16th April 2024
EYFS - Minibeast Madness Music and Movement
Minibeast Madness Music and Movement is an engaging and educational program designed for young children, blending the joy of music with the excitement of learning about minibeasts—tiny creatures like insects, spiders, and worms. Through lively songs and dynamic movements, children were encouraged to explore the natural world, develop coordination, and enhance their understanding of these fascinating creatures. The program included interactive activities, such as mimicking the movements of various minibeasts, singing along to themed songs, and participating in creative storytelling, making it a fun and immersive experience that fosters both physical and cognitive development.
Teacher Voice - The children were really engaged in the session, which was delivered well and appropriately aimed at their age range. Helen was fantastic with the children and knowledgeable about the subject matter. The children experienced dancing and moving like various minibeasts, which ties into our current topic. Helen brought a range of resources, such as ribbons and scarves, to enhance the experience. The EYFS group loved it and talked about it all day! The session was perfectly pitched to the children’s current stage, with activities that supported and developed their physical skills. All children could participate. Helen was engaging and supportive, using appropriate props to enhance the session. She even provided resources so each child could take home a ribbon to continue their dance and movement. All the children enjoyed themselves immensely.
'I have to commend you on such a fantastic school, the resources, hall, entrance lobby were amazing…also the children looked great in their sweatshirts and were so engaged and happy.  I visit so many schools across the globe and I can assure you, your school, from what I witnessed today, is in the top tier!'
H. Battelley - Music & Movement
9th April 2024
Year 3 - Egyptian Dance Workshop
The Ancient Egyptians loved to dance, and it played a vital role in their lives. Interestingly though, hieroglyphics never showed men and women dancing together, they were always separate. The Egyptian dance workshops were fast, energetic and great for girls and boys. In Egypt there are many different traditional dance styles. The workshop was a fusion of styles which was inclusive and fun for both males and females to try. The most common dance is called Baladi, also known as Belly dance. This uses lots of fast hip action and is therefore very popular with females. A national dance that mostly males do is called the Tanoura. The main motif of this dance is inspired by a long skirt which is worn by the dancer who does lots of spinning on the spot. A challenging one if you get dizzy easily! Saidi dance is a folk dance based around martial arts. Dancers often use sticks as props in their dance to represent a battle. Traditional music was used for the Egyptian dance workshops as they use many wonderful instruments which transported childrem back to Ancient Egypt when hearing it. At the start of the workshop, children learnt about Ancient Egypt, the different styles of Egyptian dance and a bit of background about the country. Children saw photos of dancers dressed in traditional dress so students could see what Egyptian dancers would wear. 
Teacher Voice - The Egyptian Dancing Workshop for children was an exciting and educational event that immersed the young participants in the rich cultural heritage of ancient Egypt. The workshop, designed for a variety of age groups, blended physical activity with historical learning, offering a unique way for children to connect with the past through dance. Led by a professional dance instructor knowledgeable in Egyptian dance forms, children were taught various traditional dance techniques and movements. They practised the graceful hand gestures, flowing arm movements, and rhythmic footwork characteristic of Egyptian dance.
20th March 2024
Whole School - Egg Technology
Egg Technology Vehicles is a creative and educational event held at West Heath Primary School, designed to engage children in the principles of engineering, physics, and design through the construction and testing of vehicles that transport eggs. This hands-on activity encourages problem-solving, innovation, and teamwork as children work to build vehicles that can safely carry an egg down a hill and across a distance.
Design Technology Subject Leader - Children made fantastic Egg Technology Vehicles at the event, showcasing their creativity, engineering skills, and innovative thinking. Each vehicle, designed to safely transport an egg across various challenges, demonstrated the children's ability to apply scientific principles in a fun and practical way. The vehicles came in all shapes and sizes, from sleek, aerodynamic cars to sturdy, tank-like machines. Children used materials like cardboard, plastic bottles, wheels, and rubber bands, incorporating unique features to protect their eggs and optimise performance. The Egg Technology Vehicles event was a resounding success, with children creating remarkable vehicles that highlighted their ingenuity and understanding of engineering concepts. The experience not only educated them on important STEM principles but also inspired a love for innovation and creative problem-solving.
19th March 2024
Year 2 - African Day
Children explored and celebrated African dance styles. This was a fun and educational way to get the school engaged with the many different styles of African dance. Dancing to the sounds of the African beats, this workshop demonstrated the power of music and rhythm.

African drumming workshops were led by highly skilled and experienced drummers who offer a fully immersive learning experience to children through the positive power of drumming. Both entertaining and educational, the workshop is a great way of introducing children to a culture they may not have had much experience with.  The drum circle creates an atmosphere that draws the children in and teaches them Djembe rhythms in an exciting and energetic way. 

Pupil Voice - I enjoyed learning about the African drums and beats needed for the song. I liked working with my teacher and collaborating with my friends. I liked that we used the whole day for our experience. We made different shapes during our dance and the drumming was so good. I can use what I have learnt in my music lesson and when we take part in Drumba during music and PE. The dance teacher was nice, and it was great that the teachers filmed us, so we could watch our performance to see how we can improve it ready for the Arts Festival performance. 
14th March 2024
KS2 Dance Team - Level 3 All Birmingham Dance Final
Creative Arts Coordinator - Participants showcased a wide range of dance styles, reflecting the vibrant and diverse dance community in Birmingham. From classical ballet to urban hip-hop, the competition celebrated the rich tapestry of dance forms. A panel of esteemed judges, comprising industry professionals, dance educators, and choreographers, evaluated the performances. Judges provided constructive feedback and critique, offering valuable insights to the dancers looking to refine their skills.
Congratulations West Heath for coming 1st in the All Birmingham Dance Final!
12th March 2024
Year 1 - Birmingham Royal Ballet
Dance Track is a talent identification programme aimed at training young dancers aged from six to eight. The project endeavours to identify and train young participants showing a potential for ballet and to instil a passion for dance at an early age. Initially, the LEAP team works with over 40 schools across the north, south and centre of Birmingham and delivers workshops to all Year 1 pupils. The workshops introduce dance in a fun and friendly way that is accessible to even the most hesitant dancer! Every year, 80 children who show a talent for dance are invited to join the Dance Track programme. The participants, who often wouldn't otherwise have an opportunity to participate in dance, are given free weekly ballet lessons taught by Birmingham Royal Ballet staff. Throughout the year they are invited to Birmingham Royal Ballet to have a look behind the scenes and to meet Company dancers and are offered tickets to see Birmingham Royal Ballet performances at Birmingham Hippodrome. The activities offered are designed to introduce the young participants and their families to ballet and to incite an interest in the art form. 
Pupil Voice - I loved to learn the new ballet moves, including the different positions we had to stand in. I loved to be able to dance at school in the hall. I liked acting as Jessie and Woody to do our dances. I liked doing the ballet stretches and learning what real ballerinas do. 
After the workshop, ten children from West Heath Primary School were invited to the initial BRB information day and six children were offered full scholarships to take part in the dance track programme. We wish the children all the best for their dance journey with Birmingham Royal Ballet.
8th March 2024
Whole School - World Book Day Story Boxes
English Subject Leader - For World Book Day, the children participated in a creative project involving the design and construction of story boxes. Combining elements of design technology and art, each child selected a favorite book and built a miniature scene inside a box that captured a key moment or theme from the story. They used various materials and techniques, from painting and sculpting to assembling intricate 3D models, to bring their chosen scenes to life. This hands-on project not only celebrated their love of reading but also allowed them to apply their skills in design and art, fostering creativity and critical thinking. The finished story boxes were vibrant, imaginative, and showcased the children's ability to interpret and represent literature through visual arts.
29th February and 1st March 2024
Year 4 & 5 - Virtual Reality Media Experience
Teacher Voice - The children in year 4 and year 5 had a fantastic time with a Virtual Reality media experience. Year 4 virtually travelled to South America, embarking on an exciting adventure, children explored the lush and vibrant Amazon Rainforest, they climbed the majestic Andes mountain range, experiencing the stunning landscapes and observed various native wildlife, adding to the immersive experience. Year 5 students have been delving into the topic of space, enhancing their classroom studies on Earth, the Sun, and the Moon. The hands-on learning has deepened their grasp of space-related concepts. The exciting exploration has sparked their curiosity and enthusiasm for the subject. Both virtual trips were amazing and provided the children with a unique and educational adventure. They greatly appreciated the impressive media created for this experience, which they will remember for a long time.
27th February 2024
Whole School - Drumba Workshop
Drumba is used to assist in physical education through music and dance. Students got moving but also ignited their inner drummer, boosted their confidence, and helped to foster a lifelong love for music and staying active. It reshaped perceptions, created positive change, and inspired a future where physical activity and creativity blend seamlessly to enrich lives and nurture a lifelong love for music and movement.

Teacher Voice - All children enthusiastically participated in the experience, and each one thoroughly enjoyed it. Both children and adults, along with the instructors, embarked on a musical journey together, creating a sense of unity and shared enjoyment. Now equipped with the necessary tools, we are incorporating this activity into parent collaboration events such as stay and play sessions. This not only enhances the sense of belonging within the group but also fosters a deeper connection between parents, children, and instructors as they engage in this musical experience together.

Pupil Voice - We played the drums, and the songs were good. It was a bit tricky at times. We need to practice. I like the games we played. We have drums, so we can practice at school. We got a sticker and a certificate for working hard. When I got home, I scanned the QR code so I could use the videos at home.

22nd & 23rd February 2024
KS2 - ChickenWired Art Sculptures
Discovering the enchanting world of ChickenWIRED – where the art of sculpture comes to life using the versatile medium of chicken wire. Unleashing creativity with simple tools and easy techniques that open a realm of crafting possibilities limited only by their imagination. Children worked together to create two display pieces for school. A Poppy to go in the Remembrance Garden and a child with the school values running through it. Children explored the work of an artist and maker. They were guided in the skills required to explore, analyse, and discuss art and be encouraged to combine their knowledge of what constitutes art, specific artists, and techniques with their own experiences to evaluate artworks and to inform their own creative practices. 

Pupil Voice - It was quite tricky to do at first, but it looked good in the end. It was great fun. I could not picture what it would look like, but it looked so colourful and bright! It really showcases our school values. The result looked fantastic, and we showed great collaboration. I liked that we all did it together. We improved it as we went along. We worked together well and showed collaboration. I like that it was different. Different from anything we’ve done before and probably different than other schools. I love Art, and this was a great workshop. I had to think about the colour selection and where I was placing it. I picked pink for the heart because it represents our value of being respectful.

7th February 2024
KS2 Dance Team - Level 2 Dance Competition
Creative Arts Coordinator - By showcasing the talent of local dancers, the competition contributes to the promotion and appreciation of dance as an art form within the local community. Congratulations to the dance team on their achievement of winning the local area dance competition and advancing to the level three dance competition.
26th January 2024
KS2 Choir - Young Voices
Young Voices are the heartbeat of music for primary schools across the UK, where children and teachers unite in an electrifying choir experience. Through an unforgettable concert, children discover their voices, gain confidence and create lasting memories. 
Music Subject Leader - The concert provided entertainment and enjoyment for both performers and audiences, offering an escape from daily routines and a chance to immerse in the beauty and power of live music. The energy and excitement of the live performance created memorable experiences for all involved.
18th December 2023
School Choir - West Heath Hospital Community Performance
Music Subject Leader - Children sang for their local hospital in a heartwarming gesture that brought joy and comfort to patients, families, and hospital staff. The sight and sound of children singing lifted the spirits of patients who may have been facing challenging circumstances. Their youthful energy and sincerity provided a much-needed boost of positivity and hope. Participating was an educational experience for children, teaching them about empathy, altruism, and the power of music to make a positive impact on the lives of others.
December 2023
Whole School - Christmas Productions
Creative Arts Coordinator - The productions typically featured a themed story line or collection of festive sketches, songs, and dances that captured the spirit of Christmas. Whether a traditional Nativity play, a modern retelling of a classic tale, or an original script, the focus was to spread joy and to share the magic of Christmas. The productions involved students sharing a sing-a-long with EYFS, a traditional Nativity from Year One, and productions from Year Two and Three and Year Four, Five and Six. It provided children with an opportunity to showcase their talents in acting, singing, and dancing. Every student had a role to play, whether it was a speaking part, a solo singing performance, or ensemble dance routines. Teachers, staff, and students collaborated creatively to bring the production to life. From designing costumes and props to choreographing dance numbers and rehearsing lines, there was a sense of teamwork and camaraderie as everyone worked together towards a common goal. The venue was decorated in festive colours and themes, with twinkling lights, garlands, and Christmas decorations adorning the stage and surroundings. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation as families gathered to watch the performances. For students, participating in the performances was a memorable and enriching experience. It built confidence, creativity, and teamwork skills while creating lasting memories of performing on stage. It was a time for celebration, reflection, and coming together to celebrate the magic of Christmas through the eyes of our young performers.
6th December 2023
EYFS & Year One - Travelling Production of 'A Christmas Carol'
EYFS Phase Leader - Watching a professional production allowed our young children to engage with literature in a dynamic and immersive way, bringing the characters and story to life before their eyes. The professional production featured elaborate sets, costumes, and special effects, as well as live music and performances. The Children were captivated by the visual and auditory stimulation of the production, enhancing their sensory experiences and cognitive development. Watching the skilled actors bring characters to life on stage inspired young children to explore their own creativity and imagination. It sparked an interest in storytelling, acting, and the performing arts, encouraging them to express themselves creatively in various ways ready for their own performances. It was a magical and enriching experience for the children, igniting their imagination, and laying the groundwork for a lifelong love of theatre and the arts.
4th December 2023
Year 2 to 6 - Worcester Theatre - Jack and the Beanstalk
Creative Arts Coordinator - School trips to the theatre to watch productions like "Jack and the Beanstalk" offer a range of benefits and enriching experiences for students. Attending a live theatre performance exposed students to the world of performing arts and cultural experiences. It introduced them to different forms of storytelling and theatrical techniques, fostering an appreciation for the arts. Watching a classic fairy tale like "Jack and the Beanstalk" come to life on stage encouraged students to engage with literature in a dynamic and interactive way. It brought characters and stories from the pages of a book to vivid reality, making the narrative more accessible and memorable. The theatre trip provided valuable learning opportunities outside the classroom. Students observed professional actors and performers in action, gaining insights into performance techniques, character development, and stagecraft. The school trip to the theatre to watch the production of "Jack and the Beanstalk" offered students a rich and immersive cultural experience that stimulated their imagination, fostered their love of literature and the arts, and broaden their horizons beyond the classroom.
11th November 2023
KS2 Dance Team - City Birmingham Rockets Dance Display
Creative Arts Coordinator - The children were filled with excitement and anticipation as they prepared for their first-ever performance at Birmingham Rockets. Weeks of rehearsals and practice had led to this moment, and their enthusiasm was palpable. As they stepped onto the stage, the energy in the room was electric, with friends, family, and supporters cheering them on from the audience. For many of the children, it was their first time performing in front of a live audience, and the thrill of being on stage was evident in their beaming smiles and animated expressions. Despite any nerves they may have felt, they gave it their all, pouring their hearts into each dance move. Each moment on stage was a testament to their hard work and dedication, and they relished every second of the spotlight.
Autumn 2
SENSES Workshop
Special Educational Needs Coordinator - Children have had an amazing time with SENSE. The children have worked with an outreach project over the last 6 weeks and all of them have smashed their targets. We could not be more proud of these children and we are so thankful to their parents for supporting every week. We believe everyone should be able to extend their life chances, no matter their disability. SENSE helps thousands of people who are deaf, blind or who have complex disabilities to communicate, experience the world and fulfil their potential. We are inspired by the work of SENSE and proud to be part of such an inclusive and empowering initiative. We are now looking to continue with the programme annually.
September 2023 - July 2024
Year 4 & Year 5 - Birmingham Music Services
All children in year 4 will be learning either a brass or woodwind instrument. Students will get hands-on experience with either brass or woodwind instruments, broadening their musical skills and understanding. In addition to the general brass or woodwind instruction, there will be a specialised elective group focusing solely on brass instruments for those particularly interested. Some children from year 5 will also have the opportunity to learn brass instruments.
Composer of the Month
At West Heath, children learn about various music genres and composers through the "Composer of the Month" program. Each month, a different composer is highlighted, allowing students to explore their life, works, and the genre they represent. This program not only broadens their musical knowledge but also deepens their appreciation for diverse musical styles, from classical to contemporary. Through listening sessions, discussions, and related activities, students gain a comprehensive understanding of each composer's contribution to the world of music.
Golden Threads