Our school aims and vision

Our Mission
We believe, that all children have a right to an education that offers varied and exciting learning opportunities. Our vision ‘Be a Star…Shine Bright!’  demonstrates our commitment to an inspiring, innovative learning journey for West Heath Primary School children.

Our School Aims

At our school, we pride ourselves on our ability to create a happy, safe and stimulating ethos where children are motivated to learn together. By maintaining high expectations of ourselves and each other, our children are equipped to encounter opportunities and challenges with resilience and determination. Our agreed aims are:

  •       To inspire children through an exciting and innovative curriculum so that they believe anything is possible.
  •       Through Values Education, empower all children to become respected citizens who make valuable contributions to social capital.
  •       By paying attention to the whole child, make sure that children understand the importance of being physically active and living a happy, healthy life.
  •       Ensure that all children leave our school with reading fluency.

Our Vision

Imagine a theme park for the mind that is continuously invented and reinvented by a community of people who are energetic, playful, responsible, caring and committed to learning. See the high level of academic achievements in displays, assemblies and special events that are a way of life. Notice the presence of all age groups making connections with one another through the work that they do, the problems they solve, and the experiences, strength and hope they share. See the use of technologies everywhere to invent the future, examine the past and make sense out of today. Move through a main street filled with business, professional and learning activities; discover the side streets that lead to national and international neighbourhoods where customs, culture and history are an active theatre of life. Appreciate the music, art, drama and physical movement present everywhere and used by all as a way to nurture body mind and spirit. Sense the presence of professionals committed to achieving extraordinary results in each moment of every ordinary day, children of all ages discovering the champion within.

 This is WEST HEATH PRIMARY SCHOOL … Be a Star, Shine Bright!