Why is good attendance important?

Being at school every day is important to a child’s education. They benefit from well-planned sequences of lessons designed to ensure that they make the best possible progress.  If they are frequently absent this learning is disrupted and makes it difficult to keep up.  Having good attendance also teaches children a vital life skill for when they move into further education and the world of work.

Everyone that comes to West Heath is expected to aim for 97% attendance, including the grown-ups! We understand that everyone gets sick from time to time but minor coughs, colds or aches and pains should not stop a child from coming to school. 

Only the most serious or contagious illnesses should keep your child away from school such as vomiting (for 48 hours), high temperature, chicken pox etc. If your child does feel a little bit under the weather, bring them into school and let us know and we will monitor them. We will call you. We usually find that once they are here they quickly feel better once they are working and with their friends. If your child is really too poorly to come to school you must let us know first thing in the morning by telephoning the school office (0121-458-4257). If the absence is going to last more than a couple of days and your child has poor attendance bringing to school a copy of the medication, prescription or appointment card will help support attendance concerns. We will never ask a parent to pay for medical proof from their GP.