•      To inspire children through an exciting and innovative curriculum so that they believe anything is possible.
  •      Through Values Education, empower all children to become respected citizens who make valuable contributions to social capital.
  •      By paying attention to the whole child, make sure that children understand the importance of being physically activity and living a happy, healthy life.
  •      Ensure that all children leave our school with Reading fluency.

We believe, that all children have a right to an education that offers varied and exciting learning opportunities. Our vision Be a Star…Shine Bright’  demonstrates our commitment to an inspiring, innovative learning journey for West Heath Primary School children.


So far this term we have been awarded Primary Sports Games Gold for the 3rd year running,Science Quality Mark AND a Bronze Award for our School Travel Plan! Thank you so much to everyone for helping us to achieve these awards, they really do make us proud of our school community!

If your child is due to start primary school in September 2020, you are invited to visit us for
Open Day
Tuesday 22nd October 2019
9.15am or 5.00pm
We look forward to seeing you.

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