Head Sports Leaders


Being the Head Sports Girls is an achievement in itself.  It feels amazing to think that all these kids look up to me as being an inspiration.  Being the Head of Head there are many duties, such as;

- Being a play leader
- Updating the website
- Helping people with their skills and especially setting an example for the school

As you may see there are a lot of responsibilities, which is why you have to be a reliable and trustworthy person.  Values are a big thing at school and I am sure I show all of my values.


As a Sports Leader I have to be an example.  I have to contribute in our school and I always have to show my values.


My duty of being part of the Sports Team is always respecting the coaches, children and other adults.  Also we have to encourage the children to like and do well in sport.  We also have to try to get the little ones to remember the cardiovascular system and the different parts of the body.  I could be a role model to the younger children by showing them how to do the right thing and getting them to always show the values.


My duty of being a Sports Leader for the head group is to always respect the coaches, all children, sports equipment and also show all key values.  We need to encourage children to do well and respect all aspects of sport.  I will be a role model by showing them how to behave correctly in lessons and by teaching them new things.


My duties as a Sports Leader (a member of the Head team) are ti encourage children to know the knowledge about PE, such as; the cardiovascular system, the skeletal system and diet.  PE is not just about the skills, it’s also about your body and how you move.