School Development Plan


Increase the number of children achieving greater depth in Maths

  •       Training in maths mastery 
  •       Monitoring of differentiation
  •       Book moderation
  •       Monthly year group timetables competition
  •       Weekly class Mathletics champions
  •       Preparation for statutory tests 2022



  •        Further training in the Guided Reading scheme
  •        Rigorous monitoring of teaching of reading through pupil voice
  •        Training for teaching assistants – reading interventions 
  •        Audit books to ensure that stock is replenished  and represents diversity within the wider curriculum
  •        Ensure that all reading books in KS1 are decodable
  •        Preparation for statutory tests 2022


Pupil Progress

  •       Year group reviews: observation of learning, book monitoring, pupil voice, teacher/ SLT pupil progress meetings, quality of teaching
  •       Rigorous monitoring  of Catchup Funding, Pupil Premium Funding and SEN Notional Funding 
  •       Induction of Early Career Teachers through supportive mentoring and Ambition Institute


  •       Review RE curriculum so that it is taught weekly using the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus and a focus on the five core religions
  •       Review the direct teaching of Fundamental British Values 

The Arts

  •       Develop the Arts curriculum to include increased opportunities for children to perform in music, dance and drama
  •       Work towards Arts Quality Mark (2-year action) (£)

EYFS Baseline

  •        Implement statutory baseline assessment and moderate judgements with other schools
  •        Fully implement EYFS framework and moderate with other schools

Areas to continue to develop

Accreditation for the school’s work

  •        Science Mark 2
  •        PE Mark 2
  •        Basic skills Quality Mark 2

Covid recovery

  •        Reintroduce eating in the school canteen so that hot meals are available to all children
  •        Reintroduce key stage playtimes to support a focus on school values
  •        Increased access to physical activity (sports funding)


  •        All teachers to receive training in Physical Education programmes of study
  •        Development of ECTs through Ambition School Leadership
  •        Development of Guided Reading and children’s access to a wide range of books 
  •        Teaching Assistants trained in selected reading interventions 
  •        All staff trained to teach Maths mastery


  •        Government strategy for academization
  •        Raised focus on interschool and intraschool sports competitions
  •        Parent sharing events in line with Covid restrictions