At West Heath Primary School, we firmly believe that Maths has an integral part to play in all children's education! We have a strong focus on ensuring children understand the basic principles of Mathematics and can apply these in a range of different contexts. We are committed to ensuring that children leave our school as competent mathematicians, ready for the next stage of their learning.


At our school, the White Rose Maths Scheme is used to plan Mathematic lessons. The scheme has a strong focus on using concrete and pictorial representations to ensure children understand abstract concepts. When a child is confident using these concrete and physical representations, written methods are introduced. When appropriate, children are then moved on to problem solving and reasoning allowing them to show that they can apply their knowledge in different contexts.


Teachers assess children’s understanding on a daily basis and adjust planning accordingly to their findings. This is done during in lessons using immediate feedback and through daily marking. Termly assessments are conducted using PUMA tests. These tests provide each child with a standardised score and allow us to track the strengths and areas for development for individual children and adjust our teaching as needed.


Tackling Tables, a times table initiative, has been introduced and takes place on a weekly basis, to help children learn and improve their times tables fluency. A sound understanding of times tables is essential in Maths. Parents and carers are encouraged to help children practice their times tables daily to help children to progress.