Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!
Meet the Year 6 team...
Mrs Hatton (Class 13 teacher and English leader)
Mrs Flora (Class 14 teacher and Curriculum leader)
Mrs Woodcock (Year 6 TA)
Edvard Munch's Scream Portrait
We found out about the expressionist, Norwegian artist, Edvard Munch.  We then created our own versions of his Scream portrait.  We decided upon the emotion we wanted our portrait to show and which colours represented that emotion for us.  It was very interesting finding out how different colours created different feelings for different people.  The results are fantastic!
Not a minute of learning time was wasted!  After the excitement of our first day back, we dived right into the story of Macbeth.  Using drama, we explore the feelings and reactions of some of the characters and quickly realised some of us are destined for the stage!
What a fantastic start to the new year and new term with the launch of our whole school topic, Magnificent Me!
The children had a superb day and were certainly ready to impress!  They worked the red carpet like pros and wrote some beautiful 'Who am I'  poems to attach to their silhouettes.
Over the next term, children will be covering different aspects of the curriculum with themselves at the center of everything.  We have some very exciting things in store!
Remembrance Assembly
Thank you to all parents who could join us in our Remembrance Day Assembly.  Year 6 children showed respect and empathy in preparing and performing the assembly.  It was moving, personal and beautiful to watch. The children worked very hard to write responses to 'In Flanders Fields', reflect on why we remember as well as learns songs and a dance.  We are incredibly proud of every one of them!
Home Reading
We have to say Year 6 are really enjoying reading books from our new scheme.  Some children are on their fifth or sixth book already.  Wow!  We love reading their comments every day when we look at planners.  Well done for all the fabulous homework completed (including 'extra' homework by a few very conscientious and enthusiastic readers!) 
Parachuting Back to Earth
Year 6 had a great time investigating parachutes to give our World War 2 lego figures a safe, comfortable and controlled landing.  Working in groups, we carefully planned our investigations, changing one variable only, before enthusiastically carrying them out.  The 'best' - those that took the longest time and stayed in 'control' - from each group were then tested against each other outside.  Look out for bubble wrap parachutes in the future everyone!
Black History Month Art
October marks Black History Month, where we celebrate Black history, culture and heritage.  This year in Year 6, we looked at the influence of West African on society today through the story of Anansi and Brother Death.  We also found out about Africa's Big 5 and created drawings of these animals.  Our borders are made of Kent cloth patterns (patterns traditionally found on African clothing).
Important Information
Year 6 will have P.E  on a Tuesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon. Please ensure full P.E kit is in school for these days.
Class 14 will be tested on their spelling words every Wednesday.  The new rule will taught on Thursdays and this is when children will receive their new spelling list.  We will ask children to stick these into their planners.
Class 13 will be tested on their spelling words every Friday with the new rule being taught and revised during the previous week.  All spelling lists for the half-term will be given out and stuck into planners during the first week back after each holiday. 
World War II
This term, Year 6 will be finding out about World War II: the events that led up to it, countries involved and significant events that took place during the war, such as The Battle of Britain and the Blitz.
Already, we have experienced what life was like for children being evacuated and received letters of employment for jobs that women took on, while the men were away. 
Keep checking the page to share our learning journey with us!