Year 5

Year 5 update    08-01-2018
Happy New Year & 
Welcome back! 
What a great start to our new whole school topic - Magnificent Me! 
The children had a great first day back at school. They 'dressed to impress' and took part in a variety of ice breaker activities to introduce our new topic. 
Over the next few weeks the children will explore aspects of the curriculum (art, history, geography and computing) with themselves at the heart of their learning.
After a fantastic WOW day, we cannot wait to explore our Magnificent Me topic! Keep looking here to see what we get up to!  
A quick reminder:

1. PE, will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays. All kit MUST be in school on these days. In addition, Class 11's swimming sessions are now finished. 
2. Home Readers; it is essential that you read with your child every night and sign with a brief comment in the passport detailing what you have read together. Please can you make sure that the book title, the author together with the pages read are noted down and a signature is recorded. As was stated at the reading meetings and in the letter which came home, without these things a strike will be given. If a child leaves a planner at home, please send a note in to confirm they have read.
3. End of day: If someone different is picking your child up from school, please make sure the adult knows the password. Please also inform the office ahead of time, or write a message in their reading planner, so that class based staff are aware of this. Thank you for those of you who are already doing this.
4. Spelling list will come out each week, so please can you ensure that the children learn their words and the pattern which runs through the list. There will be a weekly test. This will now be on a Thursday.
5. The children will also need to learn their tables facts, so please ask your child which times table they need to practice.

  1. Spellings: These will continue to be sent home (stuck into their planners) and then tested the following week. We will look at the spelling rules/patterns in class prior to spellings being sent home. This week the children have been given a series of words which are often spelt incorrectly in their recent work - no rule as such, but common errors.
  2. Children must complete their reading homework (red homework book) on the evening that they finish their book - this will also be part of their reading for that day. 
  3. Multiplication tables - all children will need to know all their tables facts. please help your child to learn the facts.
SPRING term     2018
We cannot believe that it is only two weeks since we came back after the Christmas break. Already we seemed to have crammed so much into the start of the new term.
On Wednesday 10th January, Class 11 went to the Genting Arena for an amazing celebration of music. They danced, sang, clapped and cheered alongside 6000 other children from across the region, in a musical spectacular. Their behaviour was exemplary and I was proud to be their teacher. All who attended thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon and evening and the pupils were a credit to the school.
We tried to make sure we could be spotted and sported some very fetching fluorescent hats - which hopefully could be seen from quite a distance away. Likewise the silver and black banner we had proudly hanging behind our seats.
Well done Class 11 - some fantastic singing! 
As part of the Magnificent Me! topic - the children have been studying an American artist called Chuck Close. He specialises in portraits with a very distinctive style....... he uses a grid with shapes embedded to create a very unique look to a portrait.
We have started our own versions of portraits using his style.....
Values Champion
Shortly before we broke up at the end of the Autumn term, the pupils in the class voted to elect a new values champion. This is a member of the class who has shown all our key values, especially the value of cooperation.
 We now have elected two different pupils to be our Values Champion..... who will be next?
End of Autumn Term: 
Year 5 enjoyed their topic of the Mayans and Chocolate!
We have learnt all about the importance to the Maya of our favourite sweet treat, and have explored how the Maya used the cacao bean in everyday life. After some fun taste testing the children made their own flavoured chocolates to take home as gifts for Christmas. 
World Kindness Day.
It was World Kindness Day on 13th November. We have discussed kindness and how a little act of kindness can change a child's (or adult's) feelings.
Little acts of kindness can be as small as a smile or a helping hand. As part of the build up to World Kindness Day, the children all made something to give to another child in the school.
In Class 11 we made a book of acrostic poems, which talked about the qualities children in Year 1 have. In return they made all of class 11 pupils a book mark.
The children found out that the feathers from the Quetzal bird were made into headresses for the different rulers and religious leaders in Maya times. The taller the headress (and the fancier the feathers) the more important the person.
The first day back after the October break and the children were off to Cadbury World - not for the chocolate, but to learn a lot more about chocolate and its importance in the life of the Maya.
The children were very excited and couldn't wait to get there.
We started with a talk from the experts on site about how important chocolate was to the Maya people and especially to the priests and rulers of the Maya who thought chocolate was a gift from the Gods to their chosen people.
They learnt about (and dressed up as) a Monarch and a High Priestess with others dressed as their slaves (doing all the hard work of grinding the cacao beans into a powder).
Take a look at all the things Year 5 have been doing before half term......
The children have been very busy - building shelters, practicing writing instructions and getting to grips with coding. They are starting to build a maze game, which they will set in the jungle (the Amazon of course).The programme we use for coding is scratch. This is free on line, so maybe you can ask your child to show you how they can get the screen object to move around.
The slideshow below is a summary of all the work we have been doing in the first half term