Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!
Meet the team...
Mrs Flora- Class 11 teacher
Mr Legg- Class 12 teacher
Miss Sutton- Teaching assistant 
Mrs Johnson- Teaching assistant
Here is a timetable of key weekly events:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Planner checked Planner checked Planner checked Planner checked Planner checked
Spelling test and new words given Homework due in P.E- full kit must be in school   P.E- full kit must be in school
        Homework set
Here is an overview of our learning for Summer 1:
  • In Literacy we will be exploring both Fiction and Non-Fiction, looking at dramatic conventions (play scripts)
  • In Numeracy we will be exploring Geometry (angles, shapes, position and direction)
  • In Topic we will be exploring Democracy: how it works in the UK and where it all began. 
Check back regularly to see how we are progressing in our learning. 
Year 5 Meet the Suffragettes
Today the suffragettes visited West Heath Primary school and chained themselves to the railings in their fight for women's rights to vote.  We had the chance to speak to Emmeline Pankhurst and Emily Davison about their role in the movement.  We decided enough was enough and took part in parliamentary ping-pong to pass the bill to give women the right to vote.  
We also had a visit from Mrs Lily Pettifer, who made us aware that it was not only women, but also men (including her husband, Charlie) who were not allowed to vote because they did not own property.
In our classrooms, we held a House of Commons debate about whether school holidays should be longer (believe it or not, many children rejected this motion).