Year 4

                 Welcome to the Year 4 Blog!
The teachers are Mr Whitehouse and Miss Rose. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Bosworth
General Reminders
  • We have PE twice a week.
  • Class 9 and 10 both have PE on Monday and Thursday.
  • Class 9 are presently swimming on Tuesday, this will conclude at the end of summer 1 term.
  • New Homework is issued on a Friday to be back in the next Tuesday. Strikes will be given to late homework.
  • SPELLING CHANGES: Spellings are changes slightly this term. We have noticed children are learning their spellings and getting them all correct in the test, but can't apply this to their writing. The school has therefore decided to devote one lesson, on a Friday, to a specific spelling rule. The spellings that relate to this rule will go out that day and be tested on the following Friday.
Current Topic
Our Summer topic is Europe. The term was started with an amazing train journey around Europe that introduced numerous countries to the children. We have looked at the geography of our continent whilst looking in-depth at the cultures of France and England. Children created a brand new country that will be part of Europe. They were split into 5 new countries and researched the European Union, eventually deciding whether their country should join or stay out of the EU (I assure you, it was a lot more fun than it sounds).
What's Coming up?
Summer holidays!
                 Layers of the Earth
Focus area for maths.......

To introduce our new topic of Europe to year 4, we organised a WOW day! The children boarded trains, with their brand new topic passport and interail pass in hand, and went on a fantastic adventure!

Take a look as they; acted out Shakespeare in The Globe Theatre, falmenco'd like the Spanish, broke plates like the Greeks, learnt French, painted like Monet, ate pretzels, played football like Barca, discovered the Greek culture from Mr Taki, debated Brexit, discovered capital cities, learned the national anthem, built the Eiffel Tower, had afternoon tea like the Queen. The list goes on and on!!

This week in maths, year 4 have been learning all about  about angles and the properties of polygons. To help us understand this topic, we have a hands on week!
Year 4 loved using geostrips and straws to design their own shapes!
Self-editing is a skill most children find difficult. So, here in Class 10, we spend one lesson after a 'big write' playing the Editing World Cup.
Children are placed in teams and have to edit their work at 5 stations:
  1. Synonyms
  2. Spellings
  3. Punctuation
  4. Peer reading
  5. Fronted adverbials, conjunctions and   sub-ordinate clauses
They move around the stations in a carousel after 10 minute intervals. The winning team is the team that produces the best edits!
A huge thank you to all children, parents and carers for your effort during Brexit Day..... they looked AMAZING. Although the issues around Brexit can be quite complicated, the children were incredible and dived into all the issues head first, leaving no stone unturned.
I think we may have some politicians in the making!!!!!!
So from all of year 4....

Last week (5/06/17) was British values week at West Heath Primary School. As you may have noticed, this term is dedicated to a variety of themed weeks (we're currently in the midst of science week).


The 4 fundamental British values that we learned about are:


  • Democracy
  • Rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Tolerance

To coincide with the general election, we also created 'values' parties within our year group, ranging from respect, empathy and determination. The children created a manifesto, posters, slogans, badges and (some questionable) chants. After this, the children had to canvas votes off the other year 4 class by presenting their manifestos, with an awful lot of shouting.


Take a look at a few pictures from our week....

MAD SCIENCE came into school and showed year 4 some amazing experiments involving pressure!

I think I speak for everybody in year 4 in saying this has been a real WOW week!! The children have watched, laughed and cried at the staff performances during assemblies. The overall winners, to nobody’s surprise, were the Superhero Gymnasts (the coaches). 

We also had the children’s talent show which produced some real shocks!!

Anjolina sung like an angel.

Chloe, Ruby, Millie and Skye had us rolling around laughing.

Taylor WOWED us with magic.

Cobayne told us jokes.

This list goes on!!