Year 3

Welcome to Year 3! 
Year 3 Teachers: Class 7 - Miss Peplow
                            Class 8 - Mr Kendall
Year 3 Teaching Assistant: Mr Reading
Important Information!
Spellings- We give out new spellings every Tuesday and then test them the following Tuesday. Make sure you practice your spellings every day! The scores will be recorded and new spellings will be given out every week.
P.E.- We have P.E every Monday and Friday. Remember your full kit!
Homework- Every time your child finishes their reading the are to complete the homework from the book. Guidance regarding English and Maths homework to be communicated shortly. If your child does not have questions at the front of the book then just write a few sentences about what they enjoyed about the book please.
Reading- Reading books need to be read at home every night! The following must be included every night:
1) Title of the book
2) Page number at the start and the end of reading
3) Comment about the reading from the child or the person hearing the child read
4) Signature of the adult who heard the child read
Failure to comply will unfortunately result in strikes being given.
We are now exploring information texts in the context of planning a holiday! The children will learn the features of an information text and will complete their own text regarding going on a beach holiday.
We are currently investigating place value to ensure that the children understand what each digit is worth. The children should be able to understand the value in 3 digit numbers and be able to order numbers explaining why they have decided numbers are bigger than others.
This week we have started to investigate how someone living in the Stone Age would survive. If you woke up in the Stone Age what would you do first? Make fire? Find shelter? The children had to justify what would keep them alive!
We have always looked at the development of weapons and have begun to write and advert for a bow and arrow!
Year 3 are now learning the Ukulele on a Tuesday afternoon. An expert from the Music Service  will come in every week to deliver the session to our budding musicians!