Year 3

Magnificent Me!
Wow! What a great first day back with the children all looking magnificent! Children took part in a fantastic day to celebrate themselves and really looked the part!
This term all classes around the school will be focusing on what makes them magnificent! Look out for your curriculum web to find out more!
Welcome to Year 3! 
Year 3 Teachers: Class 7 - Mrs Lall/Mrs Johnson
                            Class 8 - Mr Kendall
Year 3 Teaching Assistants: Mrs Reading and Mrs Sullivan
Important Information!
Spellings- We give out new spellings every Thursday and then test them the following Thursday. Make sure you practice your spellings every day! The scores will be recorded and new spellings will be given out every week.
P.E.- We have P.E every Monday and Friday. Remember your full kit!
Homework- Every time your child finishes their reading the are to complete the homework from the book. Guidance regarding English and Maths homework to be communicated shortly. If your child does not have questions at the front of the book then just write a few sentences about what they enjoyed about the book please.
Reading- Reading books need to be read at home every night! The following must be included every night:
1) Title of the book
2) Page number at the start and the end of reading
3) Comment about the reading from the child or the person hearing the child read
4) Signature of the adult who heard the child read
Failure to comply will unfortunately result in strikes being given.
Children must practice their spellings! Homework is an essential part of education and we need all parent/carers to support their children with their spelling homework. If children aren't practicing their spelling strikes will be given in accordance with the home school school agreement.

This week spellings are based on scientific vocabulary that they will be using in Science lessons.


Group 1












Group 2











For the next three weeks in Year 3 will be be exploring narrative texts. We will begin by reading a story of a lonely robot who just wants a friend! 
Children will learn how to use conjunctions, similes and other descriptive techniques to produce their own story!
Last term we looked at how to write instructions. Children successfully organised their work to instruct others how to make a bottle band! They used the features of instructions brilliantly and are now very confident in using adverbs of time and manner.
This week we have applied the skills learnt last week to create instructions to make a thaumatrope! The children loved making their own first and then perfected how to write their own instructions!
This half term we are looking at the human body, including what we eat, why we eat those things, skeletons and muscles.
Over the next few weeks we will be looking at multiplying and dividing a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number. 
Last term we were using RUCSAC to help children to solve word problems. This has been very tricky and we are all working hard to understand the vocabulary and strategies to successfully answer word problems!
Year 3 are now learning the Ukulele on a Tuesday afternoon. An expert from the Music Service  will come in every week to deliver the session to our budding musicians!
This term children will be learning the skills of Basketball and Gymnastics!