Year 1

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To Year 1
On our Year 1 page, you will find lots of important and useful information about our year group.
Have a look each week to discover what we have been learning about.
Meet the Staff
                               Class 3                               
             Mrs Clews   Mrs Deacon               
           Mr Takis and Mrs Reading             
Class 4
Miss Lippett
Miss Holland
P.E Days
Year 1 P.E days are
Tuesday and Wednesday.
Please ensure correct kit is in school.
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Thank You
Home Reading
Please don't forget to read every day and complete the Home reading section of the planner.
book title - page numbers read - a short comment
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Please Help
Coats, uniform, lunch boxes and water bottles are much easier to return to their owners, if they are labelled.
Please make sure that your child's name has been written on all items. 
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Don't forget to check our twitter page
to see the latest Year 1 updates!
Home Reading
Reading homework can be found on the inside cover of the home reading books. If there aren't any questions please write comments about the book, such as retelling of the story, what your child learnt or what they liked about the book. All reading homework must be completed in the red homework book before your child's book can be changed. 
Spring Term 2
 Welcome to another exciting term in Year 1!
Easter Eggs Hidden in the Grass
This term we will be continuing our whole school topic 'Magnificent Me'. The children had a great first day back dressing up as what they aspire to be when they grow up.
World Book Day
This year our theme for World Book Day was bedtime stories. The children came dressed in pyjamas and brought in their blankets and teddies ready to listen to different bedtime stories throughout the day. In English, children discussed and wrote all about their favourite bedtime stories.
This term in English we will be exploring the story 'Percy the Park Keeper - After the Storm'.
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Spring Term 1
 Welcome to another fun filled term in Year 1!
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WOW Day!
 The children all had an amazing first day back at school. They dressed to impress and entered with their gold tickets and posing down the red carpet. We enjoyed a gala dinner and a day of fun activities!
 We have been learning and practising our number bonds to 10 and 20.
 In our PSHE lessons we have been discussing our value word 'respect'. We have shared ideas about what we think respect means and respectful behaviours we can show. We each created a respect value shield to share our ideas.
Brain Breaks
 Year 1 have loved having daily brain breaks to keep them active.
RE Day
During RE day we learnt about the story of Zaccheus. We used role play to act out the different parts. Then the children completed a story board showing the different parts of the story.
 We have been exploring how many tens and ones in numbers. We have demonstrated this on a tens frame, part whole model and using numicon.
Internet Safety
Year 1 have been learning all about how to stay safe using the internet.
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 We have created posters sharing top tips to keep us safe online.
In English this week we have been learning about question sentences. We have learnt the question words who, what, why, when, where and how? The children then had a go at writing some of their own questions about the new school which they then got to ask Gordon, the project manager.
We have been identifying animals in science this week. We have learnt all about three animal groups: mammals, reptiles and birds. We worked collaboratively to group animals. We have also been learning about vertebrates and invertebrates.
Autumn Term 2
 Welcome back to another busy term in Year 1!
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Our value word this half term is...
Our right for November is...

We have the right to be heard.
Craft Workshop
This week we had our Paddington Bear craft workshop. We would like to say a big thankyou to those who were able to attend, the children really enjoyed it!
 This week in Maths we have been learning about subtraction and addition/subtraction fact families.
We will be exploring and learning about the story
'The Little Hen and the Great War.'
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 In Science, we have been learning about light and dark. This week we discussed what darkness is, and how we can make something dark. We worked in groups to see who could create the darkest den.
Children in Need 2017
'Wear spots, raise lots!'
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 We have been practising writing numbers 1-20, making pictorial representations of numbers and writing numbers as words.
This week we went to forest school to make our own hen pen for Bertha to live in inspired from our book 'The Little Hen and the Great War'. We collected the materials we needed such as: sticks, hay, leaves and string. Then we worked in groups to design and build our very own hen pen.
 This week in Maths we have been working on recognising numbers and counting to 100. The children love singing 'The Big Number Song'.
Topic / Art
Our topic this half term is Celebrations. One of the celebrations we have looked at is Chinese New year. In Art this week the children made their very own Chinese Lantern. Take a look below to see their amazing work!
In topic, we have learnt about the World War. We discussed evacuees and explored some of the artefacts and even got to try some of them on!
 Autumn Term 1
 Welcome to our first term in Year 1!
Our value word this half term is...
If you go down to Year 1 today, you're in for a big surprise ...
If you go down to Year 1 today, you'll never believe your eyes ...
Our book character has left us some clues. Can you guess who he is?
Year 1 English
This week we will be continuing our work on the story of Paddington Bear.
We ask that the children bring in one of their teddy bears for the week.
We will be:
- writing labels for our bears
- making marmalade sandwiches
- having a Teddy Bears’ Picnic
Thank You
In Science this half term we are learning all about ourselves.
Who are you?
Paddington is having so much fun in Year 1!
We have taken him on an adventure around school.
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We are learning about our five senses.
This week in Science we explored our sense of smell.
 We smelt six different things and made a prediction about what we thought was in each pot. This included: toothpaste, hair gel, coffee, vinegar, tuna and chocolate powder.
 This week we are learning our number bonds to 10.
This week in Science we explored our sense of taste.
 We tasted four different foods and had to decide if it was bitter, sweet, sour or salty. We had lots of fun!
This week in Science we explored our hearing and sight senses.
We used our sight sense to guess which eyes belonged to which animal. We discussed the importance of our hearing sense and had a go at learning some sign language.