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Teachers :Miss Curley and Miss Andrews
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Ellis, Mrs Baker, Miss Sutton and Miss Westwood!
In Reception we have lots of fun every day, on our page you will see all the exciting things that we do and all that we have learnt about.

Make sure you come back each week to see what we have been up to!
Important Information
1. PE, will take place every Wednesday afternoon. Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school and it is named. 
2. Home Readers, could you please read with your child every night and sign with a brief comment in the passport detailing what you have read together. 
3. Uniform, Could you please ensure all of your child's uniform including their coat is clearly labelled.
Thank You 
Welcome to the 
Spring Term
What a busy first few weeks we've had back to the spring term! 
This term we have made a few changes to the way we are learning in reception. We no longer have topics, as we are following the children's interests and allowing the children to lead their own learning. This is already proving to be extremely successful and your children are really engaging in deeper levels of learning. Take a look at some of the learning that has already taken place so far this term, it really is amazing!!! 
Our Visit to the Church
As part of our whole school RE day reception took part in a visit to the local Church, where they found out some very important information about Christianity. 
Family Trees
We have been exploring what makes us special and different. As part of this the children have made family trees, they have also shared their favourite memories and activities with their favourite family members.
Well Done parents, these were fantastic!!! 
Porridge Making
The children took an interest in 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears', they really wanted to make some porridge.
They worked with a partner to follow the instructions to make the perfect bowl of porridge, which they then enjoyed eating! 
Our writing is really developing this term!!!
We are finding lots of opportunities to write through our new approach to learning. 
Maths is everywhere!!!
Our Bodies
As part of SRE week we have been learning all about our bodies, as a class we discussed 
the difference between boys and girls and labelled our body parts.
Well Done Class 1!
Magnets and Rockets
The children have discovered forces over the past two weeks and have been keen to explore these further. 
We have used real magnets to understand how some things are attracted to magnets and how some things repel against them.
We then used balloons to explore air forces and made balloon rockets, using sting and straws, to see which balloons travelled the furthest. 
Term 2
Welcome back to another busy term in reception! This term we exploring the story of the
'Three Little Pigs' 
If you have any junk modelling, pieces of cloth materials, natural materials, plastic bottles, garden canes, sturdy sticks, house bricks or straw that we could use to support our topic over the next few weeks we would be extremely grateful. 
Look at our amazing
(Autumn 2 week 1)
What another busy week in reception!
This week we have shared our weekend news, discussing  the amazing fireworks we saw. We have also continued to retell the story of 3 Little Pigs. On Thursday we discussed Poppies and the importance of remembrance. Finally on Friday we took part in a whole school 2 minuets silence and understood how to show respect to the service men and women who keep our country safe. 
(Autumn 2 week 2)
(Autumn 2 week 3)
Have you seen any of the following characters?
Reception are currently investigating a crime, on Monday afternoon a tin of sweets were taken from our classroom! If you have any information that would help our investigation, could you please pass this on to one of our detectives.
We have started to gather evidenced and will begin questioning our suspects later in the week, we will keep you up to date with our investigation and let you know when we have found the culprit!!!
Class 1 have solved the Crime!!!
Today we invited our suspects in for questioning and discovered that it was the 1st Little Pig who stole Mrs Baker's Birthday sweets! 
We spoke to the little pig about our school value words and told him about the importance of being honest and showing respect. 
We have been adding 2
amounts together to find the total.
We have also been finding 1 more and 1 less!
Our first weeks back at school!
Goldilocks and The Three Bears!
We have been learning about the story of Goldilocks.
We learnt actions to the story using a story map and
can re-tell the story off by heart!
We do very good impressions of each character and can change our voices to sound like them.
We have been learning about things that are large, medium and small and comparing the sizes of lots of different things. 
Look at what we've learnt this week!
Who can solve the mystery?!
Have you seen any of these fairytale characters?
A crime was committed in Class 2! 
Who do you think the culprit is?
Children in Need 2017
We wore spotty clothes to raise money to help children in need. We talked about how we could make someone feel better, we know that our money helps to make a difference to other children's lives.
Autumn 2 week 4
This week we have read the book Superkid. He has x-ray eyes to see all of the children who need help!
We looked at other superheros and their costumes.
We are making our own superhero masks and costumes and creating our own super powers. 
Road Safety Week!
This week we learnt all about Road Safety.
We went outside and practice all of the road safety rules.
We know to think of a safe place to cross, hold an adults hand, stop, look and listen for cars and then to cross safely. 
We did a road safety dance to help us to remember!
Making porridge!
We went into the science lab and made our own porridge!
We had to follow the instructions carefully so that we didn't get it wrong.
After we had mixed our oats and milk together we put it in the microwave and turned it on for 2 minutes.
When it cooled we could put on honey or raisins (or both!) and eat it all up just like Goldilocks did! 
We have been weighing porridge and other items to see how heavy or light they are.
We investigated which bowl could hold the most; Daddy's, Mummy's or Baby's!