Year 4

Important Information!
The staff in year 4 are
  • Mr Whitehouse
  • Miss Coltman
  • Miss Sullivan (TA)
Spellings- We give out new spellings every Friday to be tested the following Friday.
P.E.- We have P.E every Monday and Thursday. Remember your full kit!
Reading- Reading books need to be read at home every night and homework completed when the book is finished! Remember to get your planner signed with the book title, author, pages read and a comment!
Homework - Maths and English to be given out on Friday and returned on Tuesday.



Take a step back into the Roman way of life by viewing the pictures from our WOW Day!! Year 4 experienced all about the Roman way of life by:


  • Learning about and making laurel wreaths.
  • Designing a Roman shield.
  • Making a Roman mosaic.
  • Becoming archaeologists and digging for Roman pottery (in the rain for class 9!)
Self-editing is a skill most children find difficult. So, here in Class 10, we spend one lesson after a 'big write' playing the Editing World Cup.
Children are placed in teams and have to edit their work at 5 stations:
  1. Synonyms
  2. Spellings
  3. Punctuation
  4. Peer reading
  5. Fronted adverbials, conjunctions and   sub-ordinate clauses
They move around the stations in a carousel after 10 minute intervals. The winning team is the team that produces the best edits!