At West Heath Primary School, we believe that Maths has an integral part to play in all children's education! We have a real focus on number to ensure all children leave Year 6 with a good grasp of the number system and how to use it in the real world.
Last year we began using the White Rose Maths Scheme and have continued to do so this year. The scheme has a real focus on using concrete and pictorial representations to allow children to fully understand the more difficult abstract concepts. Children are encouraged to explore physical objects to underpin a firm understanding of what Maths really is. When a child is confident with using these concrete and physical representations then they can move on to written methods to show that they understand the concepts. Children who understand these concepts well are then moved on to problem solving and reasoning to show that they can apply their knowledge in different concepts. 
Daily assessments are done using Classroom Monitor to ensure teachers understand where children need to improve and termly assessments are done using PUMA tests, which give us more information to ensure all children are on track to make the progress that we know that they can.
99 clubs are done weekly and children should take their completed tests home to practice, to ensure they can progress through the stages to gain confidence with times tables. A sound understanding of times tables is essential in Maths and allows children to access the learning so much more easily. I would encourage all parents and carers to help children practice their times tables daily to help children to progress.